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About Michael O'Leary Design & Build Inc

What is design build?

Design build is a process by which the owner of the property and the “designer/builder company” work together to create a professional outcome that reflects the desires and needs of the homeowner--- it is a team approach employing the Master Builder Method. In the first step you will have a meeting for probably an hour. Michael will ask questions, take pictures and measurements and listen to know what your needs are. Then he creates concept drawings and you have a second meeting to go over the initial design ideas and budget. If you like what you see and hear then you will approve a design contract and proceed to complete the design work and matriculate to a construction contract. If for some reason, you are not happy with the design work or the budget, there are no hard feelings. Michael will probably see you at Safeway as this is his community---he is even a UCD alumnus.

The commitment begins when you sign a design contract after the second meeting. Up until then, the process is free as this is how your business is earned. With design build, you avoid the pitfalls of hiring a separate design or architectural company, and then having to shop those plans around to various contractors who are not intimately familiar with the project design leaving you vulnerable to their personal interpretation of those outside plans. With design build there is a seamless transition from design to build.

You experience a team approach, and you will know the budget cost at the second meeting within less than 5% of the final cost . Up front cost, team work. clear communication and a finish product that reflects the initial concept. And with Michael Oleary design and build your designer is your builder.

General Contractor

When renovations or new construction are on your horizon, it’s time to start looking for a general contractor who is trustworthy, easy to work with, talented, and affordably priced. Fulfilling these expectations is no small order, but Michael O'Leary Design & Build Inc is up to the task. We set out to be the kind of construction company property owners are excited to work with, and time and again, we’ve succeeded.

Call (916) 247-2909 now for top-tier general contracting work from licensed, insured builders who keep you at the top of their priority list.

Professional General Contractor

Michael O'Leary Design & Build Inc makes every work site run like a well-oiled machine. As professional general contractors, we take our many responsibilities seriously, as is evidenced by our reputation for reliability and organization. Our top priority is always our clients when we’re working on their property. As we manage the job site, we never lose sight of the fact that we’re there to make your vision a reality. We’ll put as much energy and time into listening to you and planning your goals as we will into bringing the project to life.

Building and Remodeling Services

We specialize in both building from the ground up and transforming existing rooms. Capable in many areas of construction, we offer a range of services for remodels and new builds. Included among the many services our general contracting company offers are:

  • In-depth consultations
  • Accurate estimations
  • High-quality engineering
  • Innovative designs
  • Blueprint development
  • Framing and drywall
  • Sheetrock and cement

This list is by no means exhaustive. To get an accurate picture of everything we can offer your project, book a consultation with us today for an in-depth discussion of your needs.

The Area’s Best Remodeling Company

What makes us stand out from other contractors? It’s the people we bring to our team. Each member of our crew is dependable, knowledgeable, and polite. We only hire workers who are professionally trained and experienced to the point of mastery in many facets of construction.

Aside from our incredible crew, we’re able to provide the area’s best contracting services because of our unmatched organizational skills and the long-standing partnerships we maintain with industry-leading vendors and subcontractors. Our tools, products, materials, and machinery are of excellent quality, and we consistently care for our equipment to ensure no delays or complications during construction.

Construction Companies and Subcontracting

Although our trusted staff is proficient in many construction fields, we know when to step aside and let industry specialists put their skillset to work. We partner only with fellow licensed and certified professionals who’ve proven themselves at their craft. Our clients can have the peace of mind that the teams we hire provide quality work and are always accountable to us. We subcontract to reputable, established tradespeople, including:

  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Electricians
  • HVAC technicians
  • Masons
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Landscapers

Call Michael O'Leary Design & Build Inc for Quality General Contracting

Responsible General Contractor

We know many property owners roll the dice and act as their own general contractors. Many believe that going it alone can save them a few dollars upfront, but it often leaves them vulnerable to considerable expenses in the event of an accident or results in costly delays and miscommunications. For small projects, lacking the expertise and oversight of a general contractor is less of a risk, but for large-scale projects, we urge owners to hand over the responsibilities to a professional like us.

We won’t miss a step or take any chances, all while working with the same dedication and concern as if it was our own property we were constructing.

We appreciate the faith clients put in us to run their builds and remodels and always respect our clients’ wishes and budgets. We provide the highest quality work in the area, achieving incredible results with the help of our proven crew and reliable subcontractor connections.

Call us now at (916) 247-2909.

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